The purpose of this project is to provide a package for speech processing and feature extraction. This library provides most frequent used speech features including MFCCs and filterbank energies alongside with the log-energy of filterbanks.

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There are different motivations for this open source project.

Deep Learning application

One of the main reasons for creating this package was to provide necessary features for deep learning applications such as ASR(Automatic Speech Recognition) or SR(Speaker Recognition). As a results, most of the features that are necessary are provided hear.

Pythonic Packaging

Another reason for creating this package was to have a Pythonic environment for speech recognition and feature extraction due to the fact that the Python language is becoming ubiquotous!

How to Install?

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There are two possible ways for installation of this package: local installation and PyPi.

Local Installation

For local installation at first the repository must be cloned:

git clone

After cloning the reposity, root to the repository directory then execute:

python develop


The package is available on PyPi. For direct installation simply execute the following:

pip install speechpy


If you used this package, please cite it as follows:

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